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We provide custom boxes of all types and colors made up of different type of materials including cardboard, rugged tough materials, paperboard or thin well-processed Kraft Paper packaging which not only keeps your product safe but also keeps it fresh and up to the mark.

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Custom Book Boxes

Custom Book Packaging Boxes


Nowadays it has become almost impossible to attract the eyes of clients with unappealing book boxes being presented on shelves. Our skilled designers will come up with attractive display of book boxes so your customers proudly relate to your brand. Custom Box Expert uses special material for preparing custom printed book boxes that keep stationery items safe for a long time.

Why Get Custom Book Boxes?

You need custom book boxes if you are a book publisher, retailer or librarian. Why? Because paperback books, as well as hardback books, have those cover and pack page corners which are vulnerable to a lot of outside stimuli; moist, bookworms and impact are to mention a few. Dirt is also a problem which does not only affect the corners or the covers, but also the plain and spotless whiteness of the pages. This issue can only be resolved with custom book boxes which protect the books from dirt, moist and other threats. Also, it is not very easy for the customers to pick a certain book out of hundreds of them. To resolve this issue, you need custom book boxes with details and image of books on them. This will help a person coming to a bookshop or a library to choose the book off the bat.

What is in a Personalized Book Box?

A personalized book box is better than premade book box. The reason is pretty simple; it is made on demand, and it bears a lot of features that a premade box does not have. First of all, a personalized book box bears the image of the book on it; this helps a prospect choose the book and buy it. Secondly, it bears the name of the publisher or library on it. Thirdly, it may contain instructions pertaining to the proper treatment of a book. And fourthly, it may have custom colors, design, finish and shape.



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